Otto’s FBG – Date Night

a farm to table German cuisine


What did we eat? I tried to order everything on the menu but someone told me to slow down.


Fun twist to my normal Makers and Topo! The Shay

Thanks to our short wait with the server next door at Tubby’s – I was encouraged to start with


Not food, but a spiced up, tangy twist to my normal Makers and Topo.

We shared the…


crème fraîche, spanish chorizo sugo, arugula, pickled red peppers, bluecheese crumbles


…and took down our supper plates

Trout w/ Prawn

Holy whoa

Beef Tenderloin

Holy whoa!


And wrapped it up with…

This is not the Strawberry Shortcake! But a photo of the alternate dessert choice from our evening 🙂

Strawberry Shortcake

All I can say is scone style cake and ice cream with a lavender hint made this the most unique SS I’ve had!

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Otto’s offers a seasonal menu with different plate choices daily. No pictures on date-night means no accurate description of what our plates involved! I wish I had taken the menu to give proper labeling of everything we put in our bellies.

There was mashed potatoes, a green pea sauce, the crispiest snap peas, and the best tenderloin and trout we’ve had.

Otto’s sources largely from local, independent farms and ranches – and you know that something I respect. 

From one small/local business to another – Otto’s is a 5 star to our bellies!


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