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There is so much happening. So much life going on and this weekend’s celebrations are testament to each families story.

Within our personal lives and also thru HillCoGroup, we had a weekend of eating, drinking and venerating with friends, family, neighbors and “clients”. One of my most favorite ways to contribute in celebrating is bringing in local touches.💕

With Jenschke Orchard peaches, Natural Baby Boutique rompers and stuffed lovies, Dogologie home goods, HillCoGroup’s Jalapeño Home, and (maybe not exactly local, but a deep reason for gifting) a Crepe Myrtle Tree – we had SO much fun celebrating two INCREDIBLE families and their stories

No better way to wrap up the day than running thru the creek!

HillCoGroup - Danielle Crain, REALTOR | Certified Mentor

HillCoGroup - Danielle Crain, REALTOR | Certified Mentor

Uniting a passion with a career, serving the people of Central & South Texas with all of their real estate needs, every step of the way. Every day is an opportunity to build relationships that allow us to better serve our clients in an effort to provide them a desirable, seamless transaction - on both the purchase and sale sides!


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